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Shaping the Leaders of Tomorrow, Today

At Alides Africa, our succession planning transcends mere protocol—it embodies a proactive strategy for the sustainable advancement of your enterprise.

We're dedicated to equipping you for the victories ahead by forecasting the challenges of tomorrow and nurturing the leadership that will navigate them.


Core Beliefs

Within the ethos of Alides Africa lies a staunch belief in a succession process that's not just transparent but also visionary, anchored by four fundamental tenets:

Futuristic Leadership Vision: We meticulously sculpt the archetype of the next Director, aiming our sights on the medium-term strategic horizons. Our quest is for a leader poised for future challenges, not merely a carbon copy of the present one.

Beyond Skills: We delve deeper than the present skill set, embracing cultural dynamics and the company's evolving needs to ensure a selection that's both rich in diversity and impeccably matched.

Evolutionary Succession: We view succession as a dynamic journey, demanding an unwavering commitment of time and resources to mold candidates who are not just ready but perfectly tailored for their eventual roles.

Transparent Selection Process: A process that's both clear and inclusive solidifies the chosen leader's legitimacy and promotes unity within the executive team.


Methodological Excellence

Phase 1 - Profile definition:
Identification of critical skills and necessary experience criteria.
Phase 2 - Assessments:
In-depth evaluation of selected candidates based on leadership skills and experience.
Phase 3 - Recommendations:
Developing a consolidated vision to identify legitimate candidates and leadership development needs.
Seminar to validate the action plan with the Manager, ensuring strategic alignment and adjustment of operational governance.


Deliverables with Impact

  • Comprehensive evaluation grids, insightful interview guides, and detailed individual reports.

  • Consolidated evaluation summaries complemented by bespoke action plans.

  • Strategic counsel for leadership cultivation and governance refinement.


Facilitating a Seamless Transition

Our succession planning practice is meticulously designed to pave the way for a leadership transition that's as smooth as it is effective, perfectly aligned with both the strategic ambitions and the cultural ethos of your company. With a detailed, custom-tailored approach, we pledge to cultivate the leaders of tomorrow, fully equipped to surmount the forthcoming challenges of your business.

Let's work together

To discuss your inheritance issues or to find out more about our services, contactMehdi El Idrissi , Managing Partner, for a personalized consultation. Take action towards successful strategic succession.

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