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Executive Search

Crafting Tomorrow's Triumphs

The distinction and enduring success of your forthcoming leadership team are as crucial as the prowess of your present leaders.

Our bespoke services in the search for top-tier executives and succession planning are meticulously designed to support you in pinpointing and nurturing the luminaries of tomorrow. Whether emerging from within your ranks or drawn from external sources, our goal is to guarantee a seamless and well-orchestrated transition when the time comes.

Boasting a wealth of experience, our cadre of consultants brings to the table profound insights into the unique challenges faced by organizations during pivotal leadership turnovers.

We forge a deep alliance with your team to immerse ourselves fully in the nuances of your industry, company, personnel, and distinctive environment. This partnership is the cornerstone for crafting a tailored process that aligns seamlessly with your vision and requirements.

Our methodology for executive succession planning is anchored in a comprehensive, data-driven analysis, enriched by a deep understanding of your organization's culture and strategic imperatives. We are dedicated to providing unwavering support as you implement your strategy, offering guidance in the recruitment and integration of new leadership figures, alongside continuous coaching and development initiatives. This ensures that your future leaders are not only prepared to excel in their roles but also equipped to sustain and enhance the legacy of excellence within your organization.


Creation of a steering committee for a radical transformation

A successful family business, eager to evolve, entrusts Alides Africa with the task of training its executive committee, a crucial element for its transformation.
Context of recruitment:
The industrial group has two subsidiaries and exports all of its production to Europe and the United States.
Departure of the general manager of one of the subsidiaries, triggering a major transformation program.

  • Preparation of a capital opening.

  • Establishment of a results-oriented culture.

  • Creation of an effective management team and organizational structure to support the transformation plan.

Intervention by Alides Africa:

  • Strengthening necessary in management functions: COO for operational performance, sales and marketing director, CFO and human resources director (HRD).

  • Job definitions are rigorous, requiring in-depth sectoral knowledge for certain operational positions and proven experience in managing transformation projects.

  • Short lead times are necessary to keep up with the rapid pace of processing without compromising profile quality.

  • Implementation of a profit-sharing system for senior executives

  • Establishment of a steering committee with the support of partners from international offices for regular and precise monitoring.

Recruitment results for business transformation :

  • The recruitment process took place over a year, in line with the transformation plan.

  • Careful monitoring of new positions with close interaction.

  • Very satisfactory results for the client, who renewed his confidence in Alides Africa for future missions.

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